Protecting Public Servants

Sarah stands with public servants like teachers, fire fighters and police officers by fighting to keep our promises to these heroes by protecting their pensions.

Community outreach

Sarah stands for our community by listening to us about the issues that matter in our lives and fighting for the causes that we care about.

Caring for the Environment before Profits

Sarah stands with our children and their future by fighting to protect Michigan’s natural resources from threats like Line 5, and supports renewable energy industries.

Educational Balance

Sarah stands with students by fighting for science and safety in our institutions, and ensuring that educational opportunities are not determined by zip codes alone.

In Family

Quality Family Time

Sarah stands with caregivers by fighting for universal family leave so we can provide care for our children, our elderly parents and our disabled loved ones without sacrificing our own health and futures.

Living Wage and Good Health

Sarah stands with workers by fighting for a living wage, equal pay, universal family care, paid sick time and to improve working conditions and the ability for workers to achieve financial security.