Good Jobs

Here in the 98th we take pride in our hard work, community spirit, successful businesses, and flourishing agriculture. We need to create and invest in career opportunities so all members of our community can reach their full potential and adequately provide for their families.

Working Families

In this community, we know what it means to work hard. We also know that it’s not enough to just have a job. Low unemployment is hardly mission accomplished. People should not have to have multiple jobs to earn a living wage. We need good jobs that provide stability to raise a family, pay the bills, and plan for the future. Sarah will support businesses that bring good jobs to our community.  She will always stand by workers to achieve their rights and get their fair share of the profit from their labor.

Protecting Pensions

Our pensioners have worked their entire lives to earn their benefits and we must fulfill those promises. Our public servants, like police officers and firefighters, deserve to retire with peace of mind. We must protect current and future pensions, and fight to repeal the Pension Tax.

Living Wage

Sarah’s 18 years in human resources have taught her that the most productive and efficient workers are those who feel safe and secure in their financial future. Sarah will fight for legislation to empower Michiganders with a living wage so that full time work provides economic stability.

Equal Pay

In her current position, Sarah worked hard to ensure 100% pay equality across gender for equal positions, although in the greater labor market it is typical to see salaries for women at less that 80% of those for men. Sarah believes in equitable pay, and once in Lansing, will fight to make sure that workers are compensated equally across gender for similar work throughout Michigan.

Repeal Right to Work

Sarah’s dad, uncle, and grandfather were all auto workers and active union members. Sarah grew up in Flint, where everyone’s dad wore their local union numbers proudly on their baseball hats and coats, and where the story of the sit-down strikes was taught in elementary school.

Sarah’s husband is in the MEA teachers’ union and her sister is in the AFSCME nurses’ union. She has spent her career in HR because she believes that work ‒ which we often dedicate more time to than even our families ‒ should be humane, rewarding, safe, and fair. Sarah believes that unions help us achieve those goals, and fully supports repealing Right to Work.


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