Strong Schools

We must protect and enhance school funding and value the role of teachers in our communities.

Invest in our Schools

We know who suffers the consequences when funding is slashed from public schools: our kids. Sarah’s husband is a public school teacher with over 18 years of experience, who sees firsthand the inequity and extreme hardships in public education. We need to invest in our schools, respect and equip teachers with the tools to do their jobs, and stand up to anyone who wants to divert resources from our public schools. Our teachers need to be supported and resourced, our students need to have an equal chance at success no matter their zip code, and our schools need to be safe places that create an environment that is most conducive to learning.

Let Teachers Teach

Educators are professionals with one of the most important jobs. They teach and support our children so that someday, our kids can grow and positively contribute to society. Yet, instead of helping teachers prosper, we have held them to effectiveness standards that are unattainable given the number of resources they have and the many factors that are beyond their control. 

Teachers are feeling devalued from years of having their jobs legislated by people with little or no experience in the classroom‒ their pensions threatened, their pay frozen, and their credentials questioned. No wonder Michigan is facing a critical teacher shortage! We need to find realistic ways for schools to be accountable for student success. We need to re-examine our standardized testing process and its impact on the students, teachers, and the school climate.

Sarah will work with teachers and other education professionals to develop performance metrics that help to achieve student success. She believes in a system that respects and values the teaching profession.

Increasing School Resources

Our students need better resources to keep them competitive in the national and global markets. Despite this, Michigan’s schools are dead last in funding growth in the country. The state’s most recent School Funding budget didn’t come close to closing this gap. What our communities need are teachers, support staff, student counseling support, and improved health and nutrition services to give our kids a well-rounded environment to achieve their educational potential.

Supporting Skilled Trades

Sarah supports increasing funding for higher education, while also increasing support for our trade and vocational schools. Growing up as an auto-worker’s daughter, Sarah knows that a college degree isn’t for everyone‒her dad and many others in her family are and were proud skilled trades workers. Many area employers identify gaps in the skilled trades labor market as a critical barrier to local business growth.  In order to keep our economy thriving, we must value and invest in skilled workers who perform vital services in our community and support growing families.


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